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Black Friday Sales Start NOW! USE Code "BLACKFRIDAY" for 15% Your ENTIRE Purchase! 🚨

Mexican Bingo / Loteria Mexicana

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We are offering the traditional Mexican Bingo at the cost of just the Shipping! We have the special going on with ALL three of our sizes and quantities! We hope you have fun with this at your next gathering with friends and family! 

  • JUMBO STYLE: 56 Cards 10 Table Games 14 x 9 Table Games 2-10Play
  • 10 Table Regular :56 Cards 10 Table Games 9 x 5 Table Games 2-10Play
  • 20 Table Regular: 56 Cards 20 Table Games 9 x 5 Table Games 2-20Play
  • Don Clemente 
  • HOW TO PLAY: The Loteria Mexicana works on the same basic rules as the classical bingo, only with a twist that makes it more fun and enjoyable: all you need is for a designated announcer to give short poems or familiar phrases referring to the image on the card, then each player uses a marker to dot the corresponding spot on his or her board. The winner is the first player to fill the tabla and to shout “Lotería!”.
  • PARTY STARTER: Every great party thrower knows these loteria games are a perfect party starter, especially for the awkward first few hours of parties! 
  • FOR ANY AGE: Best Part of this game is there NO AGE LIMIT. As long as the children have any basic Spanish knowledge, they too will be able to play and have fun with a 100% Mexican game that suits and invites the entire family to play.
  • LEARNING SPANISH: You can also use this method to help your friends and family develop their Spanish speaking skills while playing a game!